What are my influences? 


I've always been a mover.  I've always been an anatomy&physiology/body nerd.  The human body is fascinating, the dense mass of energy that it is.  

My movement history is largely dance-based with casual sports play sprinkled in.  My academic history is all things Kinesiology- A/P, Biomechanics, Motor Development, Exercise Physiology.  I hold a BS in Kinesiology from the U of MD.  Go Terps!!  After 15 years of working in the fitness industry, calling myself a Trainer, I grew tired of the questions of What muscles am I working?  Where should I feel this? How do I lose 3 pants sizes?  How many calories should I be eating?  I love numbers but I'm not much concerned anymore with % of max HR, VO2 max %, body fat %, BMI, caliper readings, 1RM.   

My questions are: What am I "training" you for? How active are you the other 112 waking hours of the week?  How well do you breathe? Can you squat?  Can you hang?  Can you crawl? If you don't have these basics down, I am surely not going to weigh you down with more weight for numerous sets.  

 I want to teach the basics that have really gotten away. Let's work on perfecting the push-up, not seeing how much weight you can bench press.  Let's work on improving hip/knee/ankle mobility for a deeper, more functional squat rather than loading up the squat rack.   If misused, the body's parts will indeed wear out, needing replacements! 

I want to teach good proprioception, meaning do you know what your body is doing without looking?  I want to teach healthy, embodied movement to keep this wondrous human machine working until the end of it's warranty. 

I use a variety of modalities and am inspired by numerous thought leaders of the industry, but Pilates is my Go-To.  The Pilates Method, with his genius apparati inventions, has proven to be the most effective and efficient system of movement to achieve all the baseline capabilities.  Through the Pilates, (or Contrology as Joe himself coined his method), principles of BREATH, CONCENTRATION, CONTROL, CENTERING, FLOW and PRECISION, we can achieve....

   "Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit"                        -Joseph Pilates, 1939